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LOAD DATA INFILE ‘path/to/example.csv’ INTO TABLE example FIELDS TERMINATED BY ‘,’ LINES TERMINATED BY ‘\n’ IGNORE 1 LINES (col-1,col-2) SET col-3 = (SELECT field-name FROM linked Table where keyfield=col-1); We may need to do: REPAIR TABLE csv_foo; Well, this is not a “good” way though. Loading multiple files: Documentation says that MYSQL LOAD DATA will not be able to do it for us.We have a separate option available for the same, mysqlimport.Also refer to the post where I’ve attempted to create a simple excel speadsheet to generate the Load Data Infile My SQL Syntax.is an array or followed by additional parameters then each array element or parameter is tried to be set as new locale until success.From that moment on (as I found out many hours later) my floating point values from MYSQL where interpreted as integers because the Dutch locale wants a comma (,) instead of a point (.) before the decimals. I hope I can save some people the trouble of figuring this out by themselves.Rob If you are looking for a getlocale() function simply pass 0 (zero) as the second parameter to setlocale().If we abstract away some of the details of the situation in question, we are left with an experimenter who is sending natural language queries into a black box system, which replies with a digital (0/1) output, and then the experimenter has to make the best evaluation she can as to whether the black box contains a person, or if it is just an “automatic” response of some kind.

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One of the topics he briefly covered (not the main topic of his talk) was that of patients who may be “awake,” but generally unaware of their surroundings, while in an acutely comatose state of some kind.The locale "fi_FI.utf8" can then be used in PHP5 after restarting Apache.For setting Finnish timezone and locale in PHP use: where directory structure of locale is (for example) : locale/fr_FR/LC_MESSAGES/locale/en_US/LC_MESSAGES/and ABSPATH is the absolute path to the locale dir further note, under linux systems, it seems to be necessary to create the locale at os level using 'locale-gen'.You can load the referenced data using a sub-query as follows.You have to make sure you get single row in return may be by using distinct or limit clause.

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