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“There's this mentality that we'll deal with it in the family, because you don't want the neighbors and friends and everybody to know about it.”“We've dealt with a case here where the child made a disclosure, but mom was fully against it and was fighting us every step of the way,” Ashcraft said.

“When we could get the child alone, they would talk to us.

“When they do disclose, there's a misconception that they'll just sit down and say, 'Mom and Dad, I want to have a talk.' What kids will do is they'll drop a hint.

They'll test the fence, so you've got to be open to that.”“You see in the movies that this happens and they're devastated, their whole life falls apart,” Ashcraft said.

“We all have that image of the creepy guy who hides in the bushes and jumps out and drags people into the bushes under knife point.

While those guys do exist, they are the vast minority.”“Who are they with all the time? “They're not wandering around through parks with strangers.

“I think we have all been in a situation where we've seen somebody around kids and our spidey senses went off.

A potential offender is going to groom them, give them presents, have a special relationship with them.”“As human beings, when we become emotional, our rational judgement goes down in almost equal increments,” he said.

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