Sarah ferguson dating prince andrew

The Queen, who has always taken an indulgent view of Andrew’s often wayward and peripatetic existence, waved toward her son and his ex of almost 20 years.

The optics of the event were looking perfect., Prince Philip noticed Fergie.

And so, when it came to reintroducing his ex-wife back to Royal family life, Prince Andrew had planned the delicate moment carefully. Royal Ascot is a highlight of the Queen’s year, her favorite festival of racing, and by tradition Her Majesty is driven onto the course each day in a horse-drawn carriage, accompanied only by her most beloved family members and friends, or occasionally outsiders on whom she particularly wishes to bestow public recognition.For the first time since their divorce in 1996, Sarah Ferguson was going to be present at a high-profile, photographer-attended, public gathering of the British Royal family. On day four of the festival this year, the Queen arrived with her husband, Prince Philip.They rode up the straight and past the stands, filled with cheering subjects, drawing to a halt outside the main restaurant in the Royal Enclosure. Andrew bowed long and deeply and Fergie gave a solemn curtsey.The moment the paper described was one of major-league shade. As the carriage moved off, racegoers said, the Prince actually twisted back in his seat to get another look at her, doing a very visible double-take to make it quite clear to the onlooking crowds that he couldn’t quite believe his eyes at the audacity of the woman who still insists on being called “Duchess” by strangers and staff (she saves the ‘call me Sarah’ stuff for Oprah).If he had muttered, “What is that ghastly woman doing here?

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