Martin dating by serial number

I picked up a Martin bari sax - it says "RMC" above "The Martin Baritone" then "Elkhart - Ind - USA" underneath. Can anyone give me a fairly accurate idea of the year of manufacture?Also, is "The Martin" what is also known as Committee ("The Martin")?It is also the preferred baritone in my own lineup of horns. The missing adjustable thumb hook is not uncommon with these.

This new scheme uses the letters “MX” as a prefix to designate an instrument made in Mexico, followed by an eight-digit number.

I will be adding more soon, as well as checking for accuracy and updating these with more historical and instrument information.

Hi guys, it's been a while and I've mostly posted on the Buescher area, so excuse my ignorance. v=ser&man ID=14 but not sure what year this would be from.

The first two digits of the number identify the year of manufacture, (, , etc.).

The following six digits are the unit identifier, although it should be noted that these final six numbers are not sequential and do not provide any other identification information about the instrument.

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