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The oil makes the user sexually magnetic and charismatic.

The scent and metaphysical emanations of the oil is pleasing to spiritual, positive spirits--these would be attracted to the user of the oil assisting the latter to improve his/her life in various ways--use this oil when conducting angelic invocations and in prayers.

It attracts benevolent and beneficent spiritual forces that help the user to improve his/her life.

The power of the item neutralizes negative energies, psychic attacks, black magick, etc. One of the most scarce magickal love-oils of the Pasir tribe of Kalimantan!

The magickally empowered oil is a blend of secret ingredients--it comes in a vial of approximately 2--3cc.

The overall power of the amulet protects one from negative forces, psychic attacks, black magick, maleficent entities, etc. Many have been successful using our method of development and practice--students have penetrated into the astral realms and were amazed!

A traditional love-power oil from the tribal shamans of Irian Jaya/Papua.

This empowered oil is a blend of magickal herbs and natural ingredients used for attracting members of the opposite sex and arousing their passion.

Another powerful magickal oil from the tribal shamans of Irian Jaya/Papua!

It is a blend of natural, magickal ingredients and empowered through an occult process for the purpose of increasing your charisma, personal magnetism, authoritative bearing/commanding presence.

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