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Specifying a column by letter can be tricky to program, especially because after column Z, the columns start by using two letters: AA, AB, AC, and so on.As an alternative, you can also get a cell using the sheet’s does the reverse: You pass it the letter name of a column, and it tells you what number that column is.Before you can store anything in it, though, you should determine exactly how you’ll structure the data inside it.will be a dictionary with state abbreviations as its keys.In this project, you’ll write a program to update cells in a spreadsheet of produce sales.Your program will look through the spreadsheet, find specific kinds of produce, and update their prices.module allows your Python programs to read and modify Excel spreadsheet files.

state = sheet['B' str(row)].value county = sheet['C' str(row)].value pop = sheet['D' str(row)].value # TODO: Open a new text file and write the contents of county Data to it., which will contain the populations and number of tracts you calculate for each county.Download this spreadsheet from Each row represents an individual sale.The columns are the type of produce sold (A), the cost per pound of that produce (B), the number of pounds sold (C), and the total revenue from the sale (D).Open a new file editor window and enter the following code. python3 # read Census - Tabulates population and number of census tracts for # each county.❶ import openpyxl, pprint print('Opening workbook...') ❷ wb = openpyxl.load_workbook('censuspopdata.xlsx') ❸ sheet = wb.get_sheet_by_name('Population by Census Tract') county Data = # TODO: Fill in county Data with each county's population and tracts.

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