Dlink dyndns not updating

The only challenging task will be to achieve a stable connection to it for the length of the operation.

In the documentation, the file IPCAM_PCB_shows where to connect the wires.

First i would like to report that now i can get into the FB config site.

It's been made available by Admin (mirror) and contains the adjustments to the fx 6... Changing the MAC address Some clones, mostly from Deal apparently came with the same MAC address, making it impossible to use them together in the same network. I didn't test it, but according to the feedbacks on Ted's blog, it seems to work great.

Maybe a relative, friend or neighbour may allow you to try on their ADSL or Cable connection and see if it works or can be reset. Yep i do, i have written an email to Germany and asked them if there is anyway that i can reset the modem, i also told them that from out of the box i had trouble connecting mand also that i have had a lot of help on this forum and that nothing has worked. I would be calling MWave and talking to them about your problem.

i used the phone as instructed before and dialed this number,#991*15901590*, i did hear some clicking and i think that must have reset the modem, but in saying that, when i logged on i could still see my phone number and other settings that i have done before, so not sure if it did reset or not.

The cables description that you gave me is confusing to me as i do not know the details of the cables, all i can tell you is that i tried the DSL cable that i am using with the netcomm modem and i noticed that the end where i plug it into the modem is different to the one that came with the Fritz!

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