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Contrary to popular belief, no, we're not in high school, and these were still the kinds of things they focused on.It was petty mainly because you're allowed to have friends of a different gender, but also because there was no trust in their relationship because of this.Unfortunately, that kind of behavior is the kind of thing I think a lot of us reading this article have encountered.Somewhere along the lines, someone we date will be riddled with insecurities to the point that it makes them appear jealous, and thus, they will scream, yell and try to control whom we hang out with, talk with and post pictures with on social media with.You do not owe anything to anyone, clean house and cooked meals included.You are a valuable human being with your own interests and desire to unwind and relax.If everything turns into an argument from something as simple as texting your best male friend since high school, then it's time to reevaluate your relationship and what you're settling for.Because at the end of the day, you deserve to be involved in a relationship in which your SO treats you like an equal.

I accept this behavior if you were supposed to be home at 8 pm, and it's 10 pm and your SO is worried something might have happened to you. But, it turns into controlling behavior when it's been two minutes, and your SO freaks out because you haven't immediately responded.

In fact, I'd be surprised if you or your partner did honestly like every single one of the people you hang out with.

This isn't "Sex and the City." Friendships are not that freakin' solid, OK?

What I absolutely hate more than anything is the person who gets angry when their SO doesn't text them back without any regard as to what is going on in their life at that moment.

Newsflash: Life isn't just about your SO and when texting is convenient for .

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