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Other such as Bob Bigalow have termed this confirmation.

When the evidence gets a fair review, it seems apparent that there is some long-term acclimatization plan going on.

If the government wanted full disclosure, they would take the editor of the The New York Times and The Washington Post to an underground base and show them a downed saucer and alien bodies.

Then they would provide whatever statements, photos, and documents required to do a front-page article with the truth.

Most researchers, when they refer to UFO disclosure, mean the President stands at the podium and says "ETs are here." That would be full disclosure.Saying aliens may be here is a big deal, especially when the same Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager John Podesta state that if elected they will disclose what they can about the government's secret UFO knowledge. Bush is asked if he reviewed the government UFO files when he got to the White House says, "maybe," that is disclosure. He is revealing something we didn't know as the official government position is that there are no unreleased UFO files.Seconds later, Bush responds as to whether he can talk about what he saw, and that too is disclosure.Disclosure is also officials admitting there is probably life out there in outer space.Saying they may already be here is to me a disclosure.

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